Leadership Development

Leadership Development Programs are a cost-effective way to reach frontline supervisors, middle managers and even senior leaders and are designed to complement and reinforce the shift to a performance culture.

Programs. In a typical program managers from different agencies address on-the-job challenges during a series of “action-learning” workshops over a three to six month period. Programs offer much more than the typical “how to” management advice. Assessments and activities are designed to delve into common patterns of ineffective management and uncover root causes for each participant. We explore topics such as emotional intelligence (based on responses to video situations), manager identity and roles, immunity to change and team dynamics. Participants apply their learning in activities such as difficult conversations, performance evaluation, managing your boss, designing team meetings and shifting your culture.

Outcomes. Each program is designed to achieve two outcomes. First, your agency colleagues, bosses and direct reports witness a meaningful and lasting shift in your management practices. Second, you feel more effective in your management role. Some of the common shifts reported by participants include: greater confidence as a manager, comfort handling boundaries with staff, ability to engage conflict constructively, better self-management and greater willingness to seek feedback.

Custom Programs.  Contact me to design a leadership development program for your agency.

Public Programs.  Contact me about upcoming dates for the following three Leadership Programs.

The New Boss.  For new managers.  The transition from high performer to management is fraught with challenges. This program addresses ways to avoid pitfalls that are common to newly minted social service managers. This program is designed for managers with up to five years of experience.  Themes for this program include:

  • Who am I?  Shifting identity from star performer to manager.
  • Blind spots for new managers – your team, your role in strategy work and building your networks.
  • Essential skills for difficult conversations.
  • Basics of managing performance.

Stuck in the MiddleFor middle managers. Middle managers are pulled in many directions.  Can you meet the expectations of senior managers while satisfying the legitimate demands of front line staff?  What is your role in solving agency issues?  Themes for this program include:

  • Be more than a messenger – have your own perspective.
  • Use your team to manage performance.
  • Shape the culture of your team.
  • Manage your boss.

Building Performance CultureFor senior leaders and their teams.  Teams will explore the challenges of cultural change with like-minded leaders from other agencies.  The topics and number of sessions will depend on the interests of the group but may include:

  • Assessing your culture: tips for engaging staff at all levels.
  • Keeping it visible: symbols, rituals and language.
  • Linking individual performance to culture.

I am interested in the following Leadership Programs: