Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Coaching is powerful for many types of nonprofit leaders and managers – from highly successful leaders who have risen far to newly appointed supervisors who are exceptional at working with clients but are just learning how to be the boss.

When is coaching right? 

Coaching is especially helpful for leaders who are overworked, frustrated or disengaged.  Perhaps the skills and talents that served so well in the past are no longer working. Or maybe you just want more – more balance, more peace, greater fulfillment or greater impact at work.

I got the promotion…now what? 

Managing people is not fun! 

This job is killing me.  Is there another way to do it?

You are a candidate for coaching if you really want something to be different.  You also realize that you will have to change in some way since it is unlikely that everyone around you will!  You may even recognize a long-standing pattern of thought and action that no longer works for you.

Can it be different? 

Yes! Leaders can change long-standing ways of working, become more effective and create more balance and fulfillment in their lives.