Cultural Change

What drives high performance?  Research points to culture: widely-held values and norms that operate below the surface and shape individual behavior.  Of course, not just any culture will do.  High performance is linked to a learning culture – a specific set of behaviors that creates high levels of trust, encourages constructive conflict, promotes effective problem-solving and foster alignment of goals.

The shift to a learning culture is profound and exciting.

A challenge? Yes.

Possible? Absolutely.

Better still, you don’t have to go it alone.

We can support your work by helping you develop a culture self-assessment tool.

We can also advise on change management strategies and pitfalls.

What do your managers and staff really think?

A culture self-assessment provides an MRI of your agency.  It goes beyond typical performance metrics and provides a picture of what is going on below the surface – in the soft tissue.  You will see this image from multiple perspectives – front line staff, middle managers and senior leaders.

One way to get started is to engage managers and staff in defining the desired culture.  We can then use those ideas to create a confidential, online self-assessment for all staff.  The candid responses tell a story of where you are compared to where you want to be.

Unclear on how to get there?

Once the picture is clear, we assist your agency to move from findings to action.  We share lessons and ways to avoid pitfalls.  For many agencies, actions involve creating new systems and routines (such as management reports and more effective use of regular meetings).   Yet, the agency culture won’t change unless individual behaviors change.  Individual and team coaching can accelerate the change process.  Whatever your path, we continue to support your team as change unfolds and the “new way” becomes deeply embedded at all levels.

Contact us to request information about a Culture Assessment Tool or Change Management support for your agency.